Mark Chester

“Why Set Yourself in Stone Young Man,

Why Dye Yourself So Black,

When You Go Too Far Down This Road,

You Probably Won’t Ever Come Back.

The Culture It Will Eat You, Then Spit You Right Back Out,

Only to Swallow You Whole Again, When Nobody Else is About.

Addiction, Strife and Stigma, Will Cast Their Shadows on You,

And Times Incarcerated Will Test if You are True.

If You Can Come Thru Unbroken, From the Ever Demanding Test.

Then You Will Win Admiration, Love Brother Hood and Respect,

But Let Me Warn You Now Young Man, Should You Ever Succumb to Farce,

One Serious Blip, Loose Lips Sink Ships, and You’ll Be Out On the Bones of Your Arse!

So When Your Dry Mouth Asks’ the Question, Will You Ever Quench Your Thirst?

You Wanna Be A HOOLIGAN Mate, Think Long About it First.”

I was that Young Man Once, Infected with a Habit at the Age of 9, That Over Time Developed into a Savage Addiction.

For Any Parent Currently in Turmoil and Not Understanding the New Mood Around Your Son, His New Wardrobe, Walk, Language Vacant Expression and Blind Rage, then All the Signs are Evident in the Narrative of this Story, Football Hooliganism is Highly Addictive and Believe Me, Honestly There is No Help Available.

I’m 53 Now, and…….Yes I’m Still an Addict!

Amendments Have Been Made to the Original Text of Naughty, With Much Afterthought this Audio is an Authentic and Emotional Narration Where I Hold My Hands Up and Offer a Number of Apologies and Pull No Punches on the Subjects of Resentment and Jealousy Post 2003 when the Original Book Was Published,

Why am I Doing This?

Regardless Of How Old I Am Or How Healed I May Think I Have Become, I Am Still in the Fight and I Suppose I Always Will Be! No Longer Physically Active in the Culture Naughty Was My Attempt at Taking the Top Shelf of All the Other Hooli-Lit Offerings, Which it Did.

Now We Are Ready to Go Again!! So the N40 are Throwing Down a Gauntlet to All the Other Firm’s Authors,

Cowens, King, Routledge, Nicholls, Brown, McCall, Mariner and Cass, All Of You!! So If You Want It, C’Mon Then, Let’s Hear It!!

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